Enabling all cryptocurrencies & assets to obtain full anonymity and untraceability.

5 min readJun 13, 2021


Circuits of Value (COVAL)’s project EmblemVault https://emblem.finance is in its final testing of its NFT2NFT Decentralized Exchange.

Reading the following articles will make understanding this guide a lot easier.

Go to https://emblem.finance/create and login to your Metamask or WalletConnect compatible account. Select which Mainnet you wish to use.

Ethereum, Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, xDai, Fantom Opera Network.

Once you sign into your EVM account your address will display in the “Vault Owner Address” bar.

Select “Private” and choose a password to hide the internal blockchain addresses.

This is a good place to generate a secure password.

Copy the password down, and secure it as well, password zip file etc…

Click “Next”.

Inset a Title in “Vault Name” and a Detailed Description for yourself or to trade on NFT Marketplaces.

Use SPACE SPACE RETURN to create line breaks within the text.

Then click “Next”.

There are further options we are stepping past— refer to the guide “How to use Emblemvault” to see their usage.

Here you have the option to upload a image (this will be secured as IPFS) or insert a embed link.

Also you can create two different links for the public and for only the NFT holder

For this guide I shall use the drop down bar to select “Image (upload)”, and select “Choose File”

This will give you allow you to upload a pre-created image for your NFT display.

In order to Mint the Emblemvault (EV) ERC721 you require 300 COVAL on the Network you choose.


I have created this EV on Fantom Opera Network.

From the outside view to the inner blockchain addresses there is no linkage for 3rd party analysis to find any trace of what blockchain’s or balance’s are held.

The NFT holder see the following — until they enter the password.

Password “IamNotSatoshi01!”

Clicking the “Manage Addresses” enables more Blockchains to be added.

Sourcing Cryptocurrencies without your digital fingerprint.

Just a few guides to give you an idea how to approach anonymity, with research and planning you can fund a vault without a trace to yourself.


I have recreated the NFT on the Polygon Network where the current testing is being carried out on NFT2NFT.

As this is a demonstration I have funded the Bitcoin from Binance, so any deep level analysis would be able to follow the trail.

You can also see how the NFT metadata is seen on outside marketplaces like Opensea.io

Where the addresses are also hidden

The public version of the EV acts similarly, however as you can see in the vault so you could associate the internal addresses and transactions with the parent EVM address.

With a Private EV no one would be any the wiser what has been inside a EV, and Bob (claimer) on the Private EV would look like the same Bob (Creator) as no blockchain transfer has occurred.

EmblemVault — NFT2NFT

Currently the marketplace is still being built, but a temporary UI is in place for testing.

The following test examples show the movement across the EVM accounts, either for NFT2NFT or NFT for ERC20.

During the swaps the internal blockchains do not move, as long as a Private EV swaps more than once, or is sent to a mixer or tumbler service, anyone in the middle of the swaps is untraceable.

Since the swaps occur on the EVM networks, there is no movement on any exchanges, so the trades do not effect market prices, externally it is just seen as a transfer on the blockchain, into & out of the crypto address, with no indication it has been inside a EV.

EmblemVault as a store of value — There maybe no reason to open and claim the vault, since the contents can always be verifiable on the blockchain (with the password), limited drawback is that those with the EV ID and password could in future see the blockchain and where it has been transferred to, hence a mixing/tumbler service.

Non-Supported Cryptocurrencies

EmblemVault intends to add every Blockchain to the application free of charge, however if any projects would like to be added to the front of the line, any donation would be accepted to speed up your request, please contact us at hello@emblem.pro

Further information

Circuits of Value Official Telegram room : https://t.me/Coval_Chat

Circuits of Value web page : https://circuitsofvalue.com

EmblemVault application : https://emblem.finance/create

Tokenomics : https://medium.com/@emblem_vault/circuits-of-value-tokenomics-9a0f5d72789b