Testing NFT2NFT — NFT (EV) for NFT (EV) Polygon Network

3 min readJun 4, 2021

This guide will take you through the second test towards the goal of the NFT2NFT marketplace release.

Circuits of Value (COVAL)’s project EmblemVault https://emblem.finance is another step closer to its Universal Cryptocurrency/NFT Marketplace.

First thing to do, is to create an EmblemVault (EV) NFT

I shall be swapping the following EV’s (ERC721)


From Polygon account 0x5B3cFb86a9575a2C42fd88AA71F0957004fa9209


From Polygon account 0x5fD31ec5b8bEdDF0312ae0905B74E50ab0DcDDa4

I have changed the settings to switch off Dark Mode — top left corner, easier to read the drop down button text.

Starting from EVM account 0x5B3…..9209 I have selected https://emblem.finance/nft?id=741425

Click “Make an Offer (NFT2NFT)”, select the drop down, to chose “Emblem Vault V2”, wait a few seconds for the secondary drop down button to appear and find the token ID for the EV you wish to swap (https://emblem.finance/nft?id=387682) Click “Make Offer” and sign the MetaMask confirmation.

Click off the box to close it, then click “Make an Offer (NFT2NFT)” to see the current offer and withdraw the offer ‘if’ you wish.

I have changed EVM account to the Owner of the NFT (0x5B3cFb86a9575a2C42fd88AA71F0957004fa9209)

Click “My Offers (NFT2NFT)” Accept or Reject Offer, in this case Accept it, then sign the MetaMask confirmation.

Click off the box. …….and the SWAP has completed

This test enabled an Over The Counter trade of EV NFT containing BSC, Fantom, Ethereum, Polygon, Dogecoin, Digibyte Cryptocurrencies, for another EV NFT containing Digibyte tokens, without any market reaction to the trade, as the crypto remains on the blockchain address, and has simply changed ownership.

Further Testing

ERC1155 for ERC721

EV for ERC1155

Adding Coval Fee to Swaps

Further information

Circuits of Value Official Telegram room : https://t.me/Coval_Chat

Circuits of Value web page : https://circuitsofvalue.com

EmblemVault application : https://emblem.finance/create

Tokenomics : https://medium.com/@emblem_vault/circuits-of-value-tokenomics-9a0f5d72789b