Trading Solana NFTs & Crypto on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Networks

6 min readDec 16, 2021

This Guide is to show you how to trade Solana (SOL) Cryptocurrency, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, xDai & Fantom. This will enable you to use those networks to trade on NFT marketplaces such as,,,, plus the upcoming NFT2NFT app.

Introducing Circuits of Value’s (COVAL) EmblemVault

Setting up SOL assets on Ethereum Virtual Machine Networks

Hopefully you have read the above, these will explain how to connect and show the different options (not included in this guide).

Go to and connect to your wallet.

Selecting what network you wish to create on, using Metamask

Click ‘Next’ to create Public Vault

Add a ‘Title’ and a ‘Description’ use SPACE SPACE RETURN to enter paragraphs, then Click ‘Next’

Click the box ‘Chose a File’, this is to display the image for the top NFT

Use the drop down menu to select ‘Image (upload)’

Choose an image file to to use as the top cover for the Emblemvault

You may further edit the image with the ‘Edit Image’ button.

With the appropriate Network Gas fee and 15 Coval for payment, click ‘DO IT!

If the ‘Solana’ address isn't visible, Click ‘Manage Addresses’ to select & sign a metamask transaction to add it.

Click on the Deposit Addresses ‘Solana’ to see the wallet address within.

Go to your Solana wallet of choice and transfer your Solana assets to the wallet address shown.

Once the transfer has occurred checking with against the address, go back to the application and look at the balances, if it is blank click the ‘[Refresh Balances]’ area.

Wait a few seconds or refresh the browser, until it appears.

Verify on the contents of the SOL address.

The prices shown at the top of the Emblemvault are totaled real time prices of the crypto’s within, as multiple cryptos/chains & NFTs can be placed inside.

Trading on a EVM NFT Marketplace

The following marketplaces are available to trade Emblemvault;

Ethereum — Opensea

Polygon- Opensea, Venly

BSC — Fangible, Venly


Fantom — (coming soon)

This Emblemvault was created on Ethereum, the default setting on Eth and Poly shows a button to ‘View Vault on Opensea’ click it.

Initially if you go to Opensea, you may see your title with (Empty Vault) on it, this is to deter scammers trying to miss-lead buyers.

Clicking the ‘Refresh metadata’ button on Opensea with refresh from when you see the vault is filled with an internal address, wait a few moments and refresh the browser.

After refreshing the ‘(Empty Vault)’ will be removed and details shall be updated in the properties tab.

If you scroll down the description you will see the SOL address clicking it opens the SOL Explorer, the properties contains the SOL assets & NFT traits.

Click the ‘Sell’ button on Opensea, select the amount you with to trade for and ‘Complete listing’, if this is your first time you may have to sign a Metamask transaction to setup the initial smart contract.

Claiming an Emblemvault

Only claim the vault if you wish to have the SOL assets returned to their native wallets.

Click ‘Claim (Crack Open Vault)’ and sign the Metamask transaction.

I am now switching to a Test vault I made prior to this guide

Click ‘Get Keys’ and sign the Metamask transaction.

If you see nothing, you may get this screen on Metamask, click where is says ‘Unapproved’ and approve the transaction.

The keys will then be revealed, each time you wish to view the keys, repeat the last procedure.

(at present the Solana private key is showing the Bitcoin key, this will be addressed)

The NFT will be transferred to ‘0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000’ as the last owner of the NFT you have sole rights to view the keys, the claimed NFT will always be available in your vault list —

Copy the ‘mnemonic phrase’ and go to the Solana wallet you use, in this case I am using Phantom Wallet

Select the address based on the address within the vault — this would usually be the first one shown

Create a password for quick access to the Phantom wallet

Click ‘Save’ and then ‘Next’ to access the contents, you may have to send some SOL to Gas the assets if you wish to transfer the contents away

As this is the tester wallet, I have already sent the contents away to the Polygon Emblemvault.

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