Trading XCP NFTs on Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) Networks

This Guide is to show you how to trade Counterparty (XCP) cryptocurrency or XCP Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, xDai & Fantom.. This will enable you to use both networks to trade on NFT marketplaces such as,,,, Eporio.

This is not just limited to XCP, it can be used by any Bitcoin blockchain cryptocurrencies.

Introducing Circuits of Value’s (COVAL) EmblemVault

Setting up XCP NFTs on Ethereum Virtual Machine Networks

Hopefully you have read the above, these will explain how to connect and show the different options (not included in this guide).

Go to and connect to your wallet.

Selecting what network you wish to create on, using Metamask

Click ‘Next’ to create Public Vault

Add a ‘Title’ and a ‘Description’

Click the box ‘Chose a File’, this is to display the image for the top NFT

With the appropriate Network Gas fee and 300 Coval for payment, click ‘DO IT!’

Choose on Metamask which speed of Gas fee you wish to use

Ethereum Network Gas Prices

However because I am not insane, for this demonstration I shall switch to the Polygon Network, to further carry on, later I will use an already created Ethereum EV for the marketplace selling part of this guide.

Matic Network Gas Prices

‘Confirm’ the transaction.

Click ‘Put BTC In’ to see the addresses within the token.

Click the address to copy to clipboard.

Head over to your Counterparty wallet, and fill up the contents with your choice. .

XCP NFT used

The prices shown on the top of the EV are the totaled real time prices of the crypto within, as multiple crypto’s & NFTs can be placed inside.

Trading on Ethereum NFT Marketplace

By default there is a link to to trade your Eth EV (NFT) but you can login to other supported marketplaces like Rarible.

As previous stated due to high Ethereum gas prices, I am using an pre-made vault for this part of the guide, I have send XCP & NFT from counterparty to the EV (NFT) below.

XCP NFT used —

Click ‘Sell (Opensea)’

Hopefully you will have included in the description and picture how to verify the contents of the addresses attached. has a place in the collections bar to find all other EmblemVaults easier.

In the “Listing” panel click “Sell” to access the above page — as a 3rd party website, will have various rules and fees as how to sell an NFT, please find the information required here.

There are more options that can be used in the previously mentioned guides.

Claiming a EmblemVault

(switching back to Matic Network)

Click ‘Claim (Crack Open Vault)’

This will open Metamask (you need to be the current owner of the EV (NFT) )

Click ‘Confirm’ and the transaction will go through to this screen

Metamask Matic Network

Click the area on the ‘Signature Request’ box and ‘Sign’ the transaction

Metamask Matic Network

The Emblemvault will turn Green and the options to further transaction the NFT will have been internally broken and removed from use.

At this point the Mnemonic seed phrase/Private keys will pop up, click ‘Get Keys’ to view anytime afterwards and re-sign Metamask to access it.

If you click the ‘mnemonic phrase’ to copy the phrase to the clipboard, then go to you will see that the 12 phrase word does not work with XCP, only Bitcoin.

You must enter your own Counterparty wallet and do the following.

Click ‘Import Funds’ — ‘From Another Address’

Copy the Bitcoin private key from EmblemVault and paste into ‘Private Key to Import’ box, you will see the XCP contents in the ‘Tokens to Sweep’ box, if there are no Bitcoin funds in the EV address then you must use your own private key to pay the network fee.

Click ‘Sweep’ and the transaction will begin .

Keeping the XCP assets on the Eth/Poly EV NFT

As a new owner of a EmblemVault containing XCP assets, you don’t have to claim it, you can continue to keep it, add to the addresses and trade it onwards.

Unless you are after the XCP NFTs as part of a game you can still view the NFT Art, if it is left on the EV, plus you can add NFTs from the EVMs to the Eth address.

EVM NFTs work on Eth NFTs and vise versa if inside the host network EV.

Special thanks to Mohini for providing the XCP and NFTs | |

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