EmblemVault (NFT) Gift Cards

4 min readDec 3, 2020


A Gift card is usually issued by a bank or retailer as an alternative to Fiat cash for purchases within a particular store or related business. They can also be given out as rewards or gifts, distributed as promotional or marketing strategies.

Enter EmblemVault…

With EmblemVault you can now create your very own Gift card containing a hidden data entry, which can only be revealed by “Claiming” the NFT and destroying it from further use. It can also hold multiple Cryptocurrencies.

As an ERC721 token this can be sold either on Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, xDai or Fantom NFT Marketplaces. The EmblemVault team is currently working on cross-chain compatibility with other blockchains, so there will be more options and utility in the near future.


You may also create NFC Tagged cards to sell in the Real World, or simply transfer them to someone else.

NFC Card
Defcon 26

Creating an EmblemVault Gift Card

There will be a link to the guide on “How to create an EmblemVault” at the end of this article for further information.

You will need to have sufficient Network Gas for fees and Coval (Circuits of Value) Cryptocurrency.


Log into your MetaMask account on the five Ethereum Virtual Machine networks, and go to https://emblem.finance/create

Select “Next” to create a Public EmblemVault


Click “Include Encrypted Text In Vault” to expand the options further


Input a “Vault Name” for the Main title to sell, a “Vault Description” to explain the contents further, with further additional information. The “Key” is an indicator of what the “Key Value” is, the “Key Value” is hidden information.


Click “Next”, then select a picture file up to 50Mb in size (will be re-sized automatically). GIF images are not move-able at present.


The cost to create an EmblemVault is 300 Covals.

Select “DO IT!” and wait for the Network to process the request.


If you wish to sell on any marketplace that your Network can use, you can do so and sell on their terms, fees and cryptocurrencies.

The default NFT marketplace is set on EmblemVault as Opensea.io


The Gift Card can be sold further as the Owner doesn’t get access until the token is “Claimed”. At that point it is destroyed, and unable to be transacted any further.

Revealing the “Encrypted Key” data

To reveal the key data, follow the link back to the EmblemVault.


Click “Claim (Crack Open Vault)”


This will automatically open MetaMask and sign off on the contract to claim the EmblemVault.

Revealing your Mnemonic Phrase, Bitcoin & Ethereum/Matic Keys (See guide for usage) and also your hidden Key Value.


Circuits of Value Official Telegram room : https://t.me/Coval_Chat

Circuits of Value web page : https://circuitsofvalue.com

EmblemVault application : https://emblem.finance/create

Tokenomics : https://medium.com/@emblem_vault/circuits-of-value-tokenomics-9a0f5d72789b

How to Use EmblemVault : https://desktopcommando.medium.com/how-to-use-emblemvault-14ba241ca42a

Sending Cryptocurrency to an Unknown Address https://desktopcommando.medium.com/sending-cryptocurrency-to-an-unknown-address-fb1e38162ca1